As the coronavirus situation evolves, the safety and wellbeing of our visitors and staff members is our number one priority. For the most recent information read more
We’re doing all we can to keep you safe at our venue. Please remember we do not permit backpacks of any size or large bags and you will be screened upon arrival. Read more about our safety policy.

Your Visit

We note the Prime Minister's announcement on 22 February 2021 regarding the roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions in England and we are continuing to liaise with promoters and event organisers of all shows that are scheduled to take place before the 21 June 2021, expecting more changes to the events calendar. Please note that arranging a new date or cancelling a show is the decision of the artist and their management and not the hired venue.

Further updates will be posted in due course and ticket holders and guests of any events that are postponed or cancelled will be contacted directly.

Confirmed changes to the events calendar can be found here.

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Please note that out of consideration for our neighbours and for the purposes of safety, you are not permitted to queue or camp outside the venue prior to the day of the show.


Important Traffic Update

Major road improvement works to improve capacity and flow of traffic are currently taking place, know before you go and check out this link for up to date travel information:

Where possible, road users are advised to look for alternative routes, travel outside of peak times and consider public transport options. People who have to drive into the city should plan ahead, allow more travel time or consider travelling outside peak hours.


Where are the entrances to the Arena?

There are two main entrances: Hunts Banks located outside the Victoria Station (the large bank of steps) with entrance points as you approach from both Victoria station and from Deansgate.

The second entrance is City Room via the Victoria Station concourse. You can also access this entrance through either Trinity Way or the car park.

You must collect your tickets first from Box Office before heading to the arena entrances, this will help us speed up the entry process.


We advise you arrive in time for the doors but also we recommend you access through the Trinity Way Entrance into the City Rooms entrance. This is located by the Car Park on the Trinity Way ring road.

Venue Safety

The Arena has and always will continue to review security measures in conjunction with Greater Manchester security and emergency services. Further enhanced security checks have been put in place to provide reassurance and confidence and we advise you to arrive in plenty of time to pass through these additional security checks.


We also ask to please support and cooperate fully so our team can efficiently carry out these measures to ensure safety and ensure you are in the building in time for your show.

We ask that you keep personal belongings to a minimum and only bring your essentials. Please do not bring backpacks of any size or large bags, as these will not be allowed into the arena.

You are permitted to bring small bags or handbags no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm (approx A3 size piece of paper).

There is no storage facilities within the venue. Bags left in unauthorised surrounding areas will be disposed of immediately. The venue will not be responsible for late admission or non-admission as a result of this policy.

Anti-social Behaviour

The Arena prides itself on being a fun but safe environment for everyone.

Anti-social behaviour towards other guests and/or staff is not tolerated in any form and any problems should be notified immediately to one of the stewards. They will either be able to rectify the situation straight away or may refer the problem to Customer Services, located on the concourse.

It is difficult for Customer Services to respond to a problem if it is not reported at the time, so please make sure to speak to a steward or member of staff as soon as possible.


What items are not allowed into the arena?

Backpacks, holdalls, luggage, oversized bags and cushions, note that bags larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm are not permitted.

In addition these items are also not permitted into the arena or anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or viewing experience of others;

  • Glass, cans, aluminium bottles or thermoses of any kind including liquid products which can be consumed.
  • Flammable liquids in any container
  • Laser pens/pointers
  • Video cameras, recording devices and professional cameras
  • Laptop computers, iPads, Go Pro’s or tablets with filming and recording capabilities
  • Large/golf/metal tipped umbrellas
  • Knives or weapons of any kind
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Signs, banners or flags on poles, staffs or selfie sticks
  • Animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities)
  • Air horns, whistles, cowbells or other noise-making distractions
  • Projectiles (frisbees, beach balls, footballs etc)
  • Aerosol cans (hairspray, deodorant etc )
  • Fireworks, confetti or glitter bombs or sprays
  • Balloons
  • Use of wheeled footwear, skateboards
  • Food
  • Masks and helmets
  • Large studs and chains
  • Anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or viewing experience of others.

Or call us on: 0161 950 5229

Box Office 

There is a temporary box office on the Trinity Way corridor next to the Arena Car Park entrance. This box office will be available from 4pm only on a show day and will close 15 minutes after the main act has gone onstage.

Please note that the box office opening times will change depending on the timings of shows. Please check this web page prior to you attending the event to ensure you have the most current up to date information.

What does the City Room entrance look like?

Renovation work is still underway in the City Room but it is sufficiently complete to re-open part of the space as a route to the arena.

How long will the queues be?

We have introduced some additional security measures in consultation with both Greater Manchester Police and British Transport Police to reassure everyone coming to the event. Therefore the process will take longer than usual and we ask that everyone arrives in plenty of time for the start of the show.

What will be the process with ID checks?

Some events have specific ID policies in place which require the lead booker to be in attendance and provide ID in order to gain entry to the arena. If this is a requirement of the show and ID is required for entry this will be stated at the point of purchase.


On sale FAQs

Where do I purchase tickets from?

General sale tickets will only be able to purchase via our official ticketing partner Ticketmaster ( or 0844 847 8000).

Accessibility Tickets can be purchased via the accessibility line on 0161 950 5229.


When will my tickets arrive?

We send most of our tickets out by standard post. If you chose for your tickets to be posted, please give it until 3 days before the event for your tickets to arrive.


What if I am buying them for my family member of friend and they are in my name?

If you are buying the tickets as a gift we would advise you to select the postage option. In addition, the lead booker maybe asked to be in attendance at the show and prove their identity to gain entrance to the arena if it is a requirement of the show. If ID is required for entry this will be stated at the point of purchase.

Can I purchase tickets directly from your Box Office?

Please purchase tickets directly from Ticketmaster or the Accessibility Team.


Can I purchase tickets over the phone directly with the arena?

General sale tickets are only available to purchase via our official ticketing partner Ticketmaster 0844 847 8000

Accessibility Tickets can be purchased via the accessibility line on 0161 950 5229.

By email
to send us an email.

By phone

You can call the Enquiries Team on 0845 3370717 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm)


Ticket FAQs

When will my tickets be delivered?

We send most of our tickets out by standard post. If you chose for your tickets to be posted, they will be with you no later than 3 days before the event.

Can I collect them at Box Office?

We would advise to have your tickets posted to avoid queues on the evening of the show. However if you have selected box office collection tickets can be collected on the evening of the show by the purchaser, please have your proof of purchase with you.


What if I have lost my ID or have no ID?

Please contact your point of purchase for further information.


My tickets haven’t arrived?

If you chose standard post, please give it until 3 days before the event for your tickets to arrive – even once they've left us, it can sometimes take a bit longer than expected to be delivered. If they still haven't arrived by 3 days before the show, please contact your point of purchase.


What do I do if I have lost my tickets?

Please contact your point of purchase for further advice.


My confirmation email has not arrived?

Whether you booked online or over the phone, you can expect to receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will be send it to the email address you gave to your point of purchase when the tickets were booked and it shouldn't take any longer than 48 hours to arrive. If you still don't see it, please check any junk or spam folders.


How do I purchase accessible tickets?

Accessible Tickets can be purchased by contacting the accessibility team on 0161 950 5229 (10.00am – 5.00pm Mon - Fri, 10.00am - 4.00pm on Saturdays, excluding Bank Holidays).


My credit/debit card has changed, I need this to collect tickets, what do I do?

If you're collecting your tickets and you don't have the original card anymore, please take some photo ID along with your new card to collect the tickets – the staff at the box office just need to be sure that you're the person named on the order.

We would advise to have your tickets posted to avoid queues on the evening of the show. However if you have selected box office collection tickets can be collected on the evening of the show by the purchaser.


Accessible FAQ’s

Arriving at the venue:

Where is the nearest accessible parking and how far away is it?

We advise anyone with walking difficulties to arrive as early as possible and use the on site car park or the car parks at Shudehill or The Printworks. Please note that the car parks do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Arena. 

The nearest car park is adjacent to the City Rooms entrance however please note that this area is only accessible to ticket holders on event days.


What entrance is the best to use for access requirements?

The best entrances to use for access requirements are the Hunts Bank and City Rooms entrances which both have level access to the venue via a lift.

From the Car Park, providing that you have your tickets, follow the directions from the car park to the arena and you will reach a set of doors with a small flight of stairs on the other side, leading to the Arena entrance. There is also a lift to the right hand side of the doors that takes you up one level.

From the Metrolink and Victoria Station take the lift located to the right hand side of the stairs within Victoria station. The lift to the bridge level connects Victoria Station to the City Rooms entrance at the Arena. Maximum distance from Victoria Station to entrance is 180 metres

From Manchester City Centre the best entrance to use is Hunts Bank which is located on Hunts Bank Approach.


Where are the lifts?

The lift at Hunts Bank is located to the right hand side of the stairs.

The lift to access our City Rooms entrance is located within Victoria Station.

There is also lift access from the car park and from Victoria Station.

If you have any queries regarding the lift during an event please speak to a member of showsec who will be able to help you.


How do I access my seats?

For standard shows the Arena bowl has tiered seating starting at block 102 and goes round in an anticlockwise direction to block 115. Seats are numbered from 1 upwards meaning for blocks 102 - 105 & 202 - 205 seat 1 is nearest to the stage but furthest from the stage for blocks 112 - 115 & 212 & 215. The floor blocks are normally numbered 1 -18 left to right when facing the stage.

Wheelchair accessible bays are located at Block 105, 108 and 109. There are also a number of accessible platforms located in some of the blocks.

Easy Access Seats in Row X are accessible via ten steps down with a hand rail.


Can I bring my medication?

If you need to bring medication with you to the event, please call us at least 2 working days before the show. Please contact the accessibility team to discuss your requirements further.


I need to bring something else into the venue e.g., Assistance Dog, Oxygen Cylinder, Ventilator, etc., can I do this?

Assistance dogs are welcome at the Arena. If you would like to bring an assistance dog to the venue, please contact us at least 2 working days in advance of the show so that we can make additional arrangements to care for your dog during the event.


What if I need additional assistance during the show?

Please speak to a member of our Show Sec stewarding team who are positioned around the venue. We also have a customer services desk which you can visit during the show with any enquiries which is located by our Hunts Bank entrance at Block 101.


If you require any further information, please contact our Accessibility Team.

Or call us on: 0161 950 5229. A text relay service is available via

Write to us:

Our postal address is AO Arena, Victoria Station, Hunts Bank, Manchester, M3 1AR.