As the coronavirus situation evolves, the safety and wellbeing of our visitors and staff members is our number one priority. For the most recent information read more
We’re doing all we can to keep you safe at our venue. Please remember we do not permit backpacks of any size or large bags and you will be screened upon arrival. Read more about our safety policy.

Other Accessibility Information

Customers with Medical and Dietary Requirements

If you have any medical requirements, please contact our accessibility team in advance of your visit.

We have a food and beverage policy that does not allow food and drink to be brought into the arena. However we can make allowances in exceptional circumstances. If you have specific dietary requirements please contact our Accessibility Team in advance of your visit for further advice.

Medical assistance is available at the venue for every event. Please contact any member of the stewarding staff if you require medical assistance or advice.

Or call us on: 0161 950 5229


Access to Performance

The Arena is committed to offering additional services which you may need for the event to be accessible to you. This includes a range of interpreters, from British Sign Language to text captioning and audio description. Working with promoters and colleagues in the industry, our aim is to offer the best tailored provisions for you. Please make your request on booking wherever possible as there may be an optimum area to access technology or to position an interpreter whilst giving you an uninterrupted view of the show.

We will endeavour to make any reasonable adjustments to your booking even if you mention later that you need additional provision but we do need enough notice to make sure we provide the right service to the highest standard we can. Please make sure you request such provision a minimum of 6 weeks before the event date. Please note, we do not charge extra for the provision of interpreters.

We have an induction loop available for all performances. Located in the main auditorium which covers seating areas 107, 108, 109, 110 Rows J—V and Accessible seating areas on Camera Platforms 107, 110 and Accessible Platforms 108, 109.

There are also induction loops available in the Box Office and our Customer Services desk by block 101. Hearing aids need to be switched to the T position in order to receive the signal.


Assistance Dogs

The Arena welcomes assistance dogs. They can either accompany you into the auditorium or venue staff will willingly look after your dog whilst you enjoy the event. We can provide a water bowl and blanket for your dog if required.


For your safety, and for those around you, we do not allow people using crutches and/or walking aids onto a standing floor. This is because, even though your friends around you could help to look after you, crowd movement on the floor is unpredictable. If you have booked a standing ticket we will always endeavour to find you an accessible position within the Arena so that you can still come to the concert. Please contact our Accessibility Team to discuss your requirements.

Flashing Lights and Strobes

Artists performing at the Arena bring with them all of the specialist equipment and operators that they need to produce the show. This includes sound engineers, lighting designers and so on. As such, we have limited influence on them when it comes to sound and lighting levels. Ear plugs are available on request from the Customer Services Desk.

We do monitor both sound quality and decibel output. There are no legal limits when it comes to the public and sound levels – the law only protects staff under Health & Safety at Work regulations. If you feel that the sound quality or sound levels in the area you are seated are too quiet or too loud, do mention this to the stewards and the message will be passed onto the production.   

Most shows will have some form of flashing lighting. A lot of shows may also have strobe lighting, lasers or other special effects, additional signage is in place to advise customers of this. If lasers are in use, they will not scan the audience areas unless an independent inspection is carried out to ensure safety levels. You can be assured that if laser beams come into audience areas, an inspector is in the venue ensuring your safety.

The show’s lighting is determined by the production team and Arena staff do not always receive details of this in advance of the performance. Please note that it is highly unlikely that show’s lighting will be changed or adapted upon request but we will endeavour to find out as much as we can about when during the show, the effects are planned. 

The Arena can get very busy during a show and we understand that the hustle and bustle can be distressing for some. If you need support or you are feeling uncomfortable and would like to be shown to a quiet space, then please ask a member of stewarding staff or our customer services team by block 101 who will be happy to assist you during a show. We will always find a quiet space. This may or may not be within view of the show. If you need a prayer room, a space can be found for that too. Again, mention it to a steward and a space will be found. If you need a space to breastfeed, this will also be accommodated.


Floor Seating:
All floor seats can be accessed using one of the arena lifts.

Lower Tier (Block 101 and above):
The first raised tier of seating in the lower tier does not have a handrail after Row X (10 steps down). All accessible bays for wheelchair users are located within the lower tier.

Upper Tier (Block 201 and above):

The second raised tier of seating requires the negotiation of steep steps and so may not be suitable for customers with vertigo or those with mobility problems. There is a central handrail located within this tier. Seating at the front of the upper tier is 35ft (10m) from the ground, rising to 70ft (20m) at the rear. 

If you require any advice on what seats to book please contact our Accessibility Team.

Or call us on: 0161 950 5229

Prohibited Items

Please note that for security reasons certain items are not permitted into the venue. Please read 'What items are not allowed into the arena' on the Your Visit page for further information.

Upcoming Events List

Please visit the Latest Events page for more information on our upcoming shows. If you would like a hard copy or an alternative format we can email or post this out to you. Please contact our Accessibility Team for more information.

Or call us on: 0161 950 5229


We welcome feedback on how we can improve the experience for all visitors. Please contact us to let us know what we can do to improve both our accessible information and your experience at the venue in general.

Attitude is Everything Mystery Shopping

Attitude is Everything is an Arts Council England Sector Support Organisation for the live music industry, working in partnership with audiences, artists and the industry to improve Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music. More information on the organisation and their work can be found on 

The Attitude is Everything Charter of Best Practice encourages live venue promoters to publicly show their commitment to improving access, and is assessed by a nationwide team of Mystery Shoppers. To become a Mystery Shopper, you can either register online or email [email protected] to request the forms and more information.

The Arena has been working with Attitude is Everything since 2015 and achieved the Bronze award in 2016. The venue management is working to improve this status, complying with the requirements of the Charter of Best Practice to work towards Gold status.